Complete Detail Packages

efresh Package

What you get:

With this detail you get most of the benefits of a professional detail without the added time and cost of deep shampoo cleaning. You get a thorough vacuuming and compressed air blow out. A thorough wipe down and brush cleaning of all surfaces including consoles, cup-holders, switches, glass and door jambs.


Basic exterior hand wash & Dry including wheel face and tire shine.

*Extra fee's for heavily soiled vehicles

Add Carpet & upholstery Protection:

Small: $24.99
Any Size car (except wagons)                   

Medium: $29.99 small-midsize SUV/ Light truck                

Large: $34.99
Full Size/lifted truck, Van. 7 seat SUV                 

Add Wax:

Small: $14.99

Medium: $19.99

Large: $24.99

   efine Package

What you get:

This package includes a Wash, Clay, Wax, but does not include iron decontamination (rust spot removal)

the package also includes a deep interior detail which includes full shampooing as needed of carpets and upholstery, deep leather cleaning (if applicable) salt stain and pet hair removal, deep brush cleaning / steam cleaning of all panels, consoles, vents and headliner. all glass and door jambs.

*Extra fees for heavily soiled vehicles

Add carpet & upholstery protection:

Small: $24.99 

Any Size car (except wagons)

Medium: $29.99
 small-midsize SUV/ Light truck                   

Large: $34.99
 Full Size/lifted truck, Van. 7 seat SUV                   

Add Rust Spot Removal:

Small: $19.99

Medium: $24.99

Large: $29.99

estore Package

What you get:

Our restore package is the best of the best. We spend all the time needed to get your vehicle back to the best it can be. Included in the package is a deep exterior clean, iron decontamination (rust spot removal) and claybar treatment plus a 12  month ceramic coating!  


You also get an engine bay detail and under-body rinse. Full refine interior detail then we add interior ceramic coatings on all textiles, center consoles, door panels and leather!

*Extra fee's for heavily soiled vehicles.

Small: Any Size car (except wagons)

Medium: small-midsize SUV/ Light truck 

  Full Size/lifted truck, Van. 7 seat SUV                   

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