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Feynlab Ceramic Ultra V2 is the worlds first BiPhasal Coating, offering 5+ years of unmatched gloss, protection and ease of cleaning. 


Feynlab Ceramic V3 is a 3+ year coating with complete uv and chemical resistance, extreme gloss, super hydrophobic and great heat resistance. 

Original Ceramic.png

Feynlab Original Ceramic is our 1+ year coating that can go on just about any surface from paint and plastics to leather shoes and hand bags. 

Textile_500 ml.png
Wheel and Caliper.png
Industrial coating.png

Feynlab Textile is multi-surface coating for intense interior protection.

Feynlab Wheel & Caliper is soecifcaly designed for the heat heat and high corrosive nature of wheels and brake dust, providing great ease of cleaning and superior protection. 


Feynlab Industrial coating is a multi surface protective coating for vehicle underbodies, industrial equipment and anything from Muskoka chairs to landscape stone!

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