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THE ORIGINAL CERAMIC is a cost-effective coating which greatly outperforms traditional waxes , sealants or other D.I.Y. Ceramics.

FEYNLAB® THE ORIGINAL CERAMIC (formerly known as Ceramic Lite) is classified as our entry level coating, as it contains a lower solids content than our traditional offerings, however it still packs quite a punch in the durability and performance departments. THE ORIGINAL CERAMIC is a cost-effective coating which greatly outperforms traditional waxes or sealants. With its impressive durability, gloss, and hydrophobic properties it is the perfect entry level coating to keep vehicles cleaner for longer with a track record of over100,000 vehicle installations to date.


THE ORIGINAL CERAMIC by FEYNLAB® has one of the highest water contact angles in the industry, making it super-hydrophobic, which helps to protect your car from the contaminants commonly found in water. This property provides your car paint with a permanent layer of protection by forming a chemical bond with it, which causes it to repel not only water, but other elements such as oils, fallout, dirt, mud, road grime, and other build-ups from daily use of the vehicle. This makes your car’s surface much easier to clean and maintain, as these elements are not able to bond to the surface through the coating. You also get that super cool water beading effect, which is a plus!


FEYNLAB® engineers, manufactures, bottles, and ships all products in-house; therefore, we can offer a consumer-grade product at a reasonable cost since we have cut out the price inflation of the traditional two and three tier distribution chains.

Super Hydrophobic

ORIGINAL CERAMIC offers an unrivaled level of glossiness. Our product creates an extraordinary shine, making your surfaces stand out with a brilliant, high-impact finish that turns heads on the streets.

Ultra Slick

Enjoy the incomparable smoothness that FEYNLAB® Original Ceramic brings to your surfaces. Our advanced formula provides an ultra-slick surface that not only improves the aesthetic appeal but also simplifies routine maintenance, ensuring your surfaces stay cleaner for extended periods of time.

High Gloss

Experience the power of water defiance like never before with our extremely hydrophobic coatings. Expertly repelling water with exceptional effciency, say goodbye to water damage as surfaces stay dry and immaculate. (Please note that hydrophobicity may vary with different products.)

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