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FEYNLAB® CERAMIC V3 represents the pinnacle of ceramic coating technology with its lattice structure of silica, silicon-nitride, and silicon-carbide. This advanced formulation delivers enhanced surface strength, exceptional gloss, UV protection, and chemical resistance, making it the ultimate choice for professionals seeking top-tier performance.

Building upon the success of V2, CERAMIC V3 takes it up a notch with improved hydrophobic properties and a remarkable self-cleaning ability. Your vehicle will stay cleaner and maintain that clean and pristine look for longer periods between washes.

FEYNLAB® CERAMIC V3 offers a user-friendly experience with its easy application process, allowing for a single layer application. With a high solids content and a professional-grade coating, it provides durable 3-year protection, ensuring long-lasting results. Certified installers may confidently oer this coating to their customers, providing an outstanding value proposition at an exceptionally competitive price, while simultaneously outperforming competitors in terms of performance and longevity.

CERAMIC V3’s remarkable properties include excellent heat resistance, brilliant gloss, and great water behavior (hydrophobicity). CERAMIC V3 proudly leads the industry with its unmatched UV and chemical resistance, providing reliable protection against harsh environmental elements. Additionally, one of its standout features is the self-cleaning capability, ensuring that treated surfaces stay cleaner for longer, making vehicle maintenance a breeze.

Extreme Gloss
Ceramic V3 offers an unrivaled level of glossiness. Our product creates an extraordinary shine, making your surfaces stand out with a brilliant, high-impact finish that turns heads on the streets

Heat Resistant
Designed to withstand high temperatures, FEYNLAB® CERAMIC V3 maintains its integrity even under the most demanding conditions. Its exceptional heat resistance makes it an ideal choice for protecting wheels and calipers,

Super Hydrophobic
Experience the power of water defiance like never before with our extremely hydrophobic coatings. Expertly repelling water with exceptional eciency, say goodbye to water damage as surfaces stay dry and immaculate. (Please note that hydrophobicity may vary with dierent products.)


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