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Why You Need a Ceramic Coating For Your Windshield

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

With the changing Canadian climate throughout the year it’s important to remember just how essential having a ceramic coating for vehicle glass is. The good news is there are several great options for coating your glass that. 1 of the most popular brand is CarPro's "Flyby30". The Flyby30 Kit is a great ceramic coating for vehicle glass, so we’ll be focusing on its particular benefits to show you what makes a ceramic coating for your car’s glass such an advantage.  And at the end of the day, that advantage comes down to three things: Better visibility in adverse conditions, easier cleaning, and most importantly for detailing obsessives, impeccable clarity. Let’s take a look these advantages more in depth. 

Improved Visibility

When you’re driving in a downpour, you need to maintain visibility so you can stay focused on the road. Your wipers will help shed water to some extent, but in order to ensure maximum visibility a ceramic coating like Flyby30 is really your best bet. The hydrophobic nanostructure stops rain water from clinging to your windshield, causing it to slide away more readily than with just your wipers.

Check out the video below for an example of how Flyby30 coating drives water away:

Let’s say you’re driving in the aftermath of a torrential rainstorm, and you accidentally speed right through a deep puddle of mud. Normally this mud would kick up and splatter on to your windshield, leaving you with an obscuring stain. But with Flyby30 installed, that mud will slide right off instead of clinging to the surface.  Beyond mud, Flyby30 contaminant repellency also applies to bird droppings, insect remains, plant matter or just about any view-obscuring gunk you can think of. Safe to say, a ceramic coating on your windshield is a must-have if you want to make driving a safer and easier endeavor. 

Easier Cleaning

Cleaning your car’s glass can be a bit of a pain, especially if you’ve got contaminants dried on the surface. But when you’ve got a hydrophobic ceramic coating like Flyby30 installed, those contaminants will simply rest on top of the coating rather than encrusting onto the surface.  From there, a simple rinse should be enough to wash them away. How does that work? Well, because water is repelled from the surface, it takes contaminant particles along with it as it slides away. Having a hydrophobic windshield makes it so much easier to keep your windshield clear of gunk, for both visibility and aesthetics’ sake. 

Perfect Clarity

If you’re a stickler for aesthetic perfection, you’ve probably been disappointed by how car’s glass look even after a thorough clean. Where’s that extra “pop”? What’s missing? It could be a ceramic coating! A coating like Flyby30 goes a long way towards boosting your glass’ look. Because the nanostructure is filling in the imperfections in your glass’ surface, you’re getting a level of clarity that a simple glass cleaner just can’t provide.  So as you’ve read above, having a ceramic coating like Flyby30 on your car’s glass is a huge advantage if you’re serious about visibility, fast cleaning and beautiful glass.  

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